Check out this amazing PARTY BREAK from this past summer (2010).

DJ eWrek – Pj’s Summer 2010 Break 1

Yes, last summer may feel like forever ago, but this break is still fresh as fuck. The energy level is just bonkers, and the big highlight for me is the DUBSTEP breakdown. To date, this is the only Party Break I’ve ever heard that includes Dubstep. Off the hook! It’s by eWREK.

He’s a Music Engineering student and self proclaimed “studio geek”. Despite his self-aware nerdiness, he makes some of the most high energy Party Breaks I’ve ever heard.

If you, yourself, are a music geek, OR if you are the kind of person who would enjoy seeing a DOG play keyboards and fist pump, you should check out the video clip below. It’s, surprisingly, very entertaining.

The “PJ” in the track title stands for PROJEKT JUNKIES. They are a crew of Party Break producers that eWrek is a member of. They have a great WEBSITE where DJs can purchase their creations. Check it!

For a butt-load of FREE DOWNLOADS from eWREK, visit his SOUNDCLOUD. You can also follow him on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

I’d pay big money to see that dog DJ.