More than 2 months after its initial release, whenever LADY GAGAs BORN THIS WAY is played anywhere, I hear people give their opinions on whether they think the song is a rip-off of, or brilliant ode to, MADONNAs EXPRESS YOURSELF. I think I can lay this argument to rest.

Before we get into it, if you haven’t seen  the music video for Born This Way, holy dumb fuck! It’s amazing. Get filled in below.

So I should mention that I like Gaga’s song. It’s a new anthem for sexual pride and freedom, and I think there’s a new generation that is in need of that, just like they were in need of a new Madonna. Gaga has now fullfilled both needs. As far as pride anthems go, this is a great song! And within the body of Gaga’s work to date, it’s so much better than GARBAGE like ALEJANDRO or BAD ROMANCE. Yuck! So if paying tribute to her idol is what gets good material out of Gaga, then I say DO IT MORE!

Now, on to some points that I haven’t heard anybody else touch on. Lady Gaga is not some singer/songwriter who makes music alone in her basement and releases it to the world without running it by anybody else first. Quite the opposite. There is a large team of people responsible for her music. Obviously, during the process of making Born This Way, it came up that it sounds a lot like Express Yourself and the descision was made, by all the people involved, to go with it. This wasn’t some accident. It ended up the way it did intentionally. I think people forget that this is POP music. It is produced for the express purpose of financial profit. All Pop music basically sounds the same. The artists need to produce songs that are guaranteed to sell, so they follow the format of what has been proven to work, tweeking it ever so slightly as they go from one song to the next. In this regard, if a Pop artist is setting out to make a new anthem, basing it on a previous one is an excellent idea.

Through her entire carreer, Gaga has followed Madonna’s example of constantly using controversy to boost her fame. With Born This Way, Gaga has actually found a new way to do so. Making a song that sounds a lot like the music of your idol. What a great idea! I mean, look at how we are all talking about it. Everyone has an opinion about it and feels the need to voice it every time the song gets played. I believe that not only was the similarities between the 2 songs NOT an accident, it was done intentionally to stir up controversy.

Finally, lets face it, just like Madonna, Express Yourself is getting on in years. All Pop music is marketed to tweens, and todays new teenagers probably don’t want to hear a song that their Mom loves. Just like the trend in Hollywood to remake classic movies, thus exposing them to a new generation, I think it’s a great move on Gaga’s part, to take Express Yourself and repackage it for a new generation.

Now that we all understand that Born This Way is a great piece of Pop music, and a brilliant ode to Express Yourself, lets celebrate with a dope DJ TOOL that incorporates both songs.


This SEGWAY blends Madonna’s classic into Gaga’s updated anthem, with a bunch of hype to kick things off. The man responsible for it is DJ DEVILLE, a Florida based CROOKLYN CLAN artist who makes some of the best DJ Tools around.

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Pop music isn’t art, stupid.