While a long mellow jam is usually best suited for a burn session, you A.D.D. smokers out there should have a playlist of MARIJUANA MUSIC QUICK HITTERS so that you don’t have to get up and skip to the next track when you get bored. Here’s a couple to start you off.


One thing I’ve found about RAGGA JUNGLE is that it’s often difficult to mix out cleanly without playing the whole track through because it’s wall-to-wall lyrics. Here’s a classic SENSI ANTHEM chopped down by your favourite dead guy for a quick in and easy out.

Top Cat & Serum – No Sensi Today (Serum mix) [Gobby Z Quick Hitter]

The original contains the unmistakable voice of TOP CAT, one of the UK’s all-time greatest MCs and a pioneer of Ragga Jungle and DRUM N BASS, in gerenral. He has recorded many a WEED JAM over the years. I love this one because, aside from being catchy as fuck, it’s also somewhat political. He talks about the difficulties of getting decent weed across the boarder into the UK. It’s different.

TOP CAT is the only MC who has ever written a BOOK about how to do what he does. You can read more about it on his WEBSITE. You can also follow him on FACEBOOK and check out more of his ground breaking music HERE.


An all-time classic 4:20 anthem. You might know this one from the movie, FRIDAY. If you’re a smoker and you’ve never heard of it, you’d better get familiar. It won’t take long.

Rick James – Mary Jane [BEATFREAKZ SHORT CUTZ] 93bpm

This “Short Cutz” version is compliments of CROOKLYN CLAN artists, THE BEATFREAKZ. They are a TURNTABLIST DJ duo, REMIX artists, and percussionists. Their live show utilizes all of these talents to create pure fiya on the dancefloor.

Strangely, I haven’t heard anything new from these guys since July of last year. I wonder wadup. Maybe they got payed to change their name by the DUTCH HOUSE PRODUCTION DUO that bares the exact same name.

Anywho, you can check out more dancefloor destroyers by THE BEATFREAKZ on RATED H.

Happy 4/20 everybo… *cough* *COUUUUGH* *hack*