On this, the first 4/20 for DEAD KIDS GET LIVELY, it only seems fitting that I share with you my all-time favourite WEED JAM. It’s possible that this song began my obsession with MARIJUANA MUSIC. The year was 1995, and a Dutch GABBER duo, known as TECHNOHEAD released a song that would hit #1 in 6 European countries, and recieve radio play all over the world (including Canada). The song was called I WANNA BE A HIPPY. If you’re not a fan of Gabber, I suggest you still give this track a chance. It’s pretty damn loveable. Check out the radio version, accompanied by its ultra-cheesy 90s music video, below (if you’re not already baked, you might wanna fix that BEFORE hitting play).

Technohead were actually a very accomplished husband and wife duo from the UK. They began making music in 1985, under the name GREATER THAN ONE, and went on to produce electronic music under many different aliases. Most notably, they were responsible for the ground-breaking HOUSE/TECHNO classic, TRICKY DISCO, before moving to Holland and getting caught up in the growing Gabber scene there. Quite sadly, Lee Newman, the wife of the couple, passed away from cancer complications in 1995, shortly after leaving the world with her light-hearted Marijuana anthem. husband, Michael Wells, continued to produce music into the new millenium.

Now I’m gonna go one step further and give you my favourite REMIX of this classic. It’s by THE SPEED FREAK.

He began producing Techno in 1990 under several different aliases. In the mid-nineties, he began producing Gabber as The Speed Freak and SEARCH & DESTROY. These became his most successful aliases and he continues to produce Gabber and SPEEDCORE under these names today. In 1995, he gave us a Gabber masterpiece when he remixed I Wanna Be  A Hippy. Below is a VINYL RIP of that remix for your downloading enjoyment.

Technohead – I Wanna Be A Hippy (Speedfreak rmx)

If you’re feeling the vibes, you should get familiar with more music from THE SPEED FREAK, SEARCH & DESTROY, and TECHNOHEAD.

More wiggady-wiggady-weed beats coming sooooon.