With my grunge kid love of 80s and 90s indie rock, I can’t help but have a soft spot for YUCK.

They are a relatively new UK band that gained a lot of buzz throughout 2010. Their sound is reminiscent of bands like SONIC YOUTH and DINOSAUR JR, even though the members of Yuck were only in diapers when these bands were making their marks on music history. It’s the angsty adolescent subject matter and heavy guitar fuzz that is so reminiscent of Gen. X, but they’re not to be mistaken as a throwback band.

Yuck have a timeless song writing technique. Many musicians have a strong style that comes out in all of their music. Yuck, on the other hand, change their approach to fit the subject matter of each song. The result is that, listening to their album, each song sounds quite different from one to the next. What they all have in common is very strong melodies, heavily distorted but still beautiful, like an emotional old picture with the saturation cranked. You get me??? Hit up the b-side to their HOLING OUT single, titled COCONUT BIBLE, to get a feel.

Yuck – Coconut Bible

INDIE ROCK VINYL COLLECTORS, I urge you to pick up the DEBUT ALBUM from YUCK. You can also check out a bunch of their stuff on SOUNDCLOUD, AND they have a BLOG with lots of art, vids, and tour info.