Have I mentioned that I fucking hate hipsters? They did so much damage to the music scene over the past decade by celebrating mediocrity and praising anything that labels itself as “artsy”. Now that the hipster generation is finally getting on in years, they mostly confine themselves to their condos, where they spend their parents money on blow, and sit around feeling superior. For the most part, they are out of my life and I couldn’t be happier about it. Occasionally, however, the horrible music that they influenced continues to bubble to the surface. Example? Ofcourse!


The song is called The Hunt Dance and it features spoken word artist, Ursula Rucker. It’s purposely void of melody, because, ya know, melody is so passe. It’s been done to death. It’s way more artistic to experiment with non-melody and since I’m an artistically minded person, I love that. You probably wouldn’t understand *sniff sniff*.

The Hunt Dance

It sounds like a bunch of songs that don’t go together but have been slapped together anyways. it’s as if some tone-def hipster started fucking around with Ableton and decided that he’s a DJ now. Aweful!

Then there’s the unappealing spoken word element. Now, Ursula Rucker is a great Spoken Word artist, but Spoken Word isn’t rapping. It’s poetry, not music, and on its own, it doesn’t belong with music. There are artists, like JAMES MURPHY and HENRY ROLLINS that make incredible Spoken Word songs, but that’s because they are musically minded enough to make their poetry go with their music. They are musicians. Ursula is a poet.

Even the artists name is hipster douchey. Art Bleek? Fuck off! I could go on but I’m all hated out for now. *few*

Whether or not you enjoy these angry ramblings, I appreciate you reading. please visit the surrounding posts for some music that doesn’t suck.

Here’s to a world without hipsters.