I’ve got a VINYL RIP for you that is really weird and reeeally rarrrrrre.

The track is called JUNGLE SHIT. It’s a ’96 J-Tek jam that samples both HOTEL CALIFORNIA AND PASS THE DUTCHIE, combined with an acid line and some oldschooly breakbeats. The other tracks on the vinyl are all HOUSE jams. Way random!

Besides the track titles, the only info on the vinyl is the word “WATERMELON”. While DISCOGS has Watermelon down as the Label, other vinyl collectors seem to agree that Watermelon is the artists name. I think, when it comes down to it, nobody really knows. Anyways, snatch it up!

Watermelon – Jungle Shit

You may have heard this one on my original 2006 Zombie mix, GOBSTOPPA IS DEAD. I’ve also dropped this tune live many times over the years. It’s just so random. I love that! Hope you’re feelin’ it too.

If anybody knows anything else about Watermelon (the artist, ya douche cunt) pleeeeeease send me some infos.