I’ve got a big BIG choooon for all Ganja Man. If you also happen to be a junglist, you’re gonna love this!

It’s a hard-hitting, big bassy rip of MARLON ASHER‘s classic smoker anthem, GANJA FARMER. Don’t know it? Headumacate yourself below.

The proceeding version is by SERJAH 9, who resides in the Los Angeles area and makes some pretty fat DRUM N BASS.

I love the contrast in this jam. It switches from light soundclash style RAGGA JUNGLE vibes, to hard, fat, n dirty bassline business, and then back again. I’ve watched it stir crowds into a frenzy, and it always gets me wiggling in my seat. Enough chit chat. Get on this!

Serjah 9 – Ganja Farmer

You can check out more music from SERJAH 9 on his SOUNDCLOUD, and snatch up his choons HERE.

we be killin’ soundbwoys.