ATTENTION ALL DJs! This is a public service announcement to make sure that you’ve seen the HIP HOP GIRL IN A TECHNO CLUB viral video. It’s been around for a while now, but I know how you studio monkeys can get behind on things. I’m sure most of you have seen this, but whatever. Watch it again! It never stops being funny. This also applies to producers and, um, club hoes.

Every word of it is so true, and I think any DJ that has ever played a nightclub has experienced something similar. Got a story? Post a comment.

Toronto’s HUGSNOTDRUGS definately get it!

They’re a trio that have been pumping out some killer jams over the past year or so. I know all of them from partying around Toronto, but as a group, they are quite mysterious. All I know about them is that they have wild senses of humour, a lot of combined experience as performers/musicians, and a taste for pounding beats and dirty basslines. Their tracks are all quite different, but to date, tend to fall into the Fidgety ELECTRO, or DUBSTEP categories, although they’ve also got some CHIP TUNE and TECH HOUSE selections in their discog aswell.

Check out their rip of the above video, titled DO YOU HAVE ANY HIP HOP. It maintains all the fun and giggles of the original clip, then combines it with blistering, hoover infused Dubstep madness. It’s quite heavy. Listen now!

HUGSNOTDRUGS – Do You Have Any Hip Hop

You can grab up a wack of mixtapes and bootlegs from HUGSNOTDRUGS on their SOUNDCLOUD, and snatch up their MORAL MINIMAL EP, aswell as a slew of remixes, HERE.

The fuck you say?