The artist that I am the MOST excited about in the world right now is DEATHFACE.

They are JOHHNY LOVE (Formerly of GUNS N’ BOMBS) and vocalist, ADRI LAW. Johnny’s sounds completely defy categorization. He is single handedly defining a new genre of music and it has yet to be named or even imitated. Perhaps that’s because he is an avid experimenter and his sounds completely change from track to track. Although, you could maybe group them all together in some sort of “HARD AS FUCK” category. They are most comparable to ATARI TEENAGE RIOT (whom I am a HUGE fan of). Check out what ATR front man, ALEC EMPIRE had to say about Deathface…

“Put this kid on before The Prodigy and they’ll find any excuse not to go on…Deathface transports hardcore rave into the next decade. Adrenaline driven….and trust me when I say this , it’s not some paid-for opinion which is included in some marketing budget. Awesome & dangerous.” – Alec Empire

Take 10 PERCENT VIP as an example. It’s like BMORE meets DUBSTEP meets BASSLINE meets HARDCORE PUNK moshpit. This jam had me slam dancing the first time I heard it, which was a bit awkward because I was alone but in public. Whatever, I’m used to it. Press play below, make sure there are no pointy edges around, and see if it has the same effect on you.

Deathface feat. Entro MC – 10 Percent VIP

Are you sore now? Goooood. You’d better check out the incredible FALL OF MAN EP. You can also snatch up a wack of free jams on DEATHFACE’s SOUNDCLOUD, “LIKE” ’em up on FACEBOOK, and keep up with their TOUR BLOG on the official WEBSITE.

It hurts so good.