The DRUM N BASS selection you are about to hear was originally released in 2003, BUT it sounds like it is fresh off the presses. No wonder. It’s by THE REDEEMER.

This is an ocassional collaboration between PANACEA and DJ SCUD, two of the most elite names in BREAKCORE, and Drum N Bass in general. As The Redeemer, they put out several releases around the turn of the millenium, one of which was an album titled HARDCORE OWES US MONEY. I picked it up in 2007, when it was first released digitally, and it blew my mind. The tunes on the album were just so far ahead of their time that the rest of the Drum N Bass community has only recently caught up. Check out SOUND KILLA, and brace yourself for the drop at 2:28. The bass is so huge that it stands up with even the hardest basslines of today.

The Redeemer – Sound Killah

This kind of forward thinking is typical of Panacea. Rave music pioneer, LUNA-C, has written, of Panacea, “If you go listen to what he is doing now, you will hear what everyone else will be doing in 12 months time. Seriously. That sort of hyperbole is thrown around so much these days, but in The Panaceas case, its true.” Scud has also always been very pioneering in his productions. So one could assume that when these two come together, the results are, well…. pure FIYA FIYA FIYA FIYA FIYA!

If you enjoyed the above track, do yourself the favour of checking out the rest THE REDEEMER’s HARDCORE OWES US MONEY album, aswell as the rest of their RELEASES to date.