Here’s some hyper fresh sounds for ya…


Paul Jarrett, aka Industrial Death, is a Philly based artist and musician that has been experimenting with electronic music since 1994. In recent years, most of his pieces have hovered around the DUBSTEP genre, but he’s always hard to classify, as he is constantly experimenting with new sounds.

Recently, Paul got a brilliant idea. He made a SOUNDCLOUD page where he would post works in progress to be finished by any artists that wished to tackle them. These collaborations have, thus far, all spawned very experimental results and, in the best of cases, they’re REALLY FUCKING GOOD!

Check out BLURRED ELEMENTS as a great example. It’s a collab between Industrial Death and MNG, labeled as KRUNKSTEP.

“MNG” stands for MISTA NICE GUY. He’s an Edmonton based DJ, producer, and blogger.

Check out the tune. It’s something like glitchy DRUMSTEP with a lot of CRUNK influence, and it eventually breaks into a DRUM N BASS beat. Sweet!  This is combined with some HIP HOP vocals that add lots of ghetto flavour. Let’s go!

MNG & Industrial Death – Blurred Elements

Personally. I’ve never heard anything else quite like this and I like what I hear. If YOU know of any other artists rocking this style, PLEASE send a link my way.

As for INDUSTRIAL DEATH, you can check out his SOLO and COLLABORATION Soundclouds. He also has a collaborative art project, called PANadelphia, that you should check out the WEBSITE for.

MISTA NICE GUY has a SOUNDCLOUD, FACEBOOK, and BLOG all ready for your viewing. Get at ’em.

Let’s get it oooooon!