If you’re in the New York area, I’m hoping that I will get a chance to eat you on MAY 20. CANADIANS, It’s a long weekend! What better time to plan a road trip down to NYC to get crazy with your favourite dead guy in what AC SLATER refers to as “the coolest city in the world”.

DATE: Friday, May 20, 2011
LOCATION: Rebel, 251 W. 30th St, New York, NY


Here’s a few of the artists that I’m really pumped to be partying with…


Hot Pink Delorean are, quite simply, going to be the biggest thing to come out of the USA since the Quarter Pounder with cheese (Or Grand Royale to those in Europe). They make music for dancefloors, skillfully crossing genres to create a hybrid sound. As DJs, they play electro, tech house, house, prog, dubstep, dnb and anything inbetween depending on what is making the crowd move. HPD’s performances consist of Chris and/or Matt behind the desk, while rapper/MC, Jon, fronts the outfit. They can be filed under many undefined genres. Call them indie dance, electro, or plain old partyrockin’ house music, but whatever you call them, one thing is guaranteed. They will blow your roof off!

Here’s a DUTCH HOUSE banger that’s just straight up GOOOOOD from beginning to end. TROPICAL beats and tweeky synths that’ll make you wiggle, even if you’re sitting down. LET’S GO! Nuff said.

Hot Pink Delorean – Let’s Go!

You can follow HOT PINK DELOREAN on FACEBOOK or TWITTER. Check out their SOUNDCLOUD for a slew of free downloads, and snatch up a bunch of their bouncy beats HERE.


The queen of heavy bass and Brooklyn’s bass sweetheart team up to make you bounce with the freshest and most booty-shaking cuts from NYC, London, and beyond. Star Eyes is the first lady of the world-famous Trouble & Bass crew; this DJ vet has rocked stages from London to South Africa. DJ/producer Jubilee runs the awesome NIGHTSHIFTERS label, as well as throwing the Flashing Lights party and killing it on her Fireworks show for Brooklyn Radio.

For a little sample of  big bass bidness from these ladies, check out their REMIX of MIKIX THE CAT‘s AT NIGHT. Dirty vocals and hard hitting ghetto beats wind out and transition into a TROPICAL BASS pounder. These 2 are always full of surprises.

At Night (Star Eyes & Jubilee Papi Smurf Remix)

I wrote about STAR EYES & JUBILEE BACK IN NOVEMBER. Check out the post for more choonage and a really fun tour video.

STAR EYES has a FACEBOOK page and lots more music for you to snatch up HERE.

Find out all about JUBILEE via her WEBSITE.


I’m a HUGE fan of this guys music! He has an incredibly diverse style and a great ear for bass-heavy ghetto sounds.

His BIG APPLE BOUNCE EP is one of my favourite VINYLS. It was playing in my apartment when MC CANIBOWL laid down a rediculous freestyle that eventually inspired my PIG SLOP jam. Check out PVs track, READY OR NOT, and then give a listen to PIG SLOP. I ended up sampling it pretty heavily. Luckily for me, he wasn’t pissed about it. Hahaaa.

Now for something a little more up to date from my homebwoy. He’s been getting loads of large ups for his dope-ass remix of THE CATARACS BASS DOWN LOW. Hit it and get ready to swagger.

The Cataracs feat. Dev – Bass Down Low (Proper Villains Remix)

If you have not yet heard the amazing REMIX that Proper Villains did of I’M A DRUMMER, by my friends, SMUT PUSHERS, you should probably give it a spin.

Get at the PROPER VILLAINS WEBSITE to check out the rest of his social media. He also has plenty more tunes for you to grab at HERE.

…and there’s loads more madness dropping at the party, from the following artists…


Maaaaan, they do it big down in NYC!

Eat ya there.