Baltimore Club music, better know around the world as BMORE, has faded out in popularity over the past couple years. Personally, I still love the stuff, and I’m not alone.

NEM LIVE PRODUCTIONS is a Baltimore based crew of DJs & producers. Their name is “Evil Men” backwards, and they’ve been pumping out a lot of tunes as of late.

The crew is headed by NEM, an evil man on a mission to inject new life into the BMore sound by combining it with elements from all sorts of different genres of music. He’s like an evil scientist, always experimenting and combining new ingredients together.

Check out one of my favourite jams by the Nem Live crew. It’s a rip of CULO, originally by PITBULL. Oh, did you forget about it? I have, like, a million remixes and mashups of this song. Generally, when I hear one, it makes me groan, BUT what Nem has done with it is magic! It starts out like any other BMore jam, except the oldschooly break-beats are hard and distorted. Then, you get hit with these awesomely filthy basslines that crack and fizzle under Pitbull & LIL JON‘s pump up vocals. It’s pure ghetto goodness. Now get it!

Pitbull feat. Lil Jon – Culo (Evil Men Remix)

You gotta check out the NEM LIVE PRODUCTIONS SOUNDCLOUD for all sorts of ghetto concoctions. There’s also some mixtapes up on their MIXCLOUD, and some killer jams to get Nem paid HERE.

Homeboy’s like a BMore reanimator.