Tonight, I give you possibly the greatest NEWSTYLE GABBER track of all time!

HARD CREATION is an ongoing collaboration between DJ PANIC & NEOPHYTE, 2 of the most elite names in HARDCORE. They have been producing together since 1996, and are still making tunes today. In 2001, they gave us the most epic GABBER track I have ever heard, BASTARD / ASSHOLE.

The first drop of this tune is insane, but that’s just the beginning. The gorgeous KATE BUSH vocal; the ultra sloooowwww section with the giant kicks that is unlike anything else; the speed build; the massive, manic synth line; the second huge jump-off, the final return to the initial madness for one more pushing, kicking, moshing, jumping round. By the time you hit the outro beats, you need a cigarette. I think I’ve written too much. The best thing about this tune is all the surprises. If you took the time to read this, my apologies. Let’s get on with it.

Hard Creation – Bastard / Asshole


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BTW, the above track is a VINYL RIP, cuz I have it on vinyl, so I ripped it. If you’re against that sort of thing, Bastard / Asshole is available on CD. Go find it!