Wanna know what kind of ELECTRO HOUSE is really moving me right now? Check out the following tune from London producers, aLLriGHT.

aLLriGHT – In Tempo

At the moment, I’m all about thrashy Electro with synth lines comprised of really filthy, long tones. The filthier, the better. I also love contrast in a track, and you get just that when this song shifts gears and breaks down into OLDSCHOOL RAVE BREAKS during the massive builds. A classic vocal sample is also a great idea, when producing dancefloor bangers. This jam utilizes a line from one of the most sampled songs of all time: IT’S MY BEAT, a Classic HIP-HOP jam by SWEET TEE and JAZZY JOYCE. Well done boys. This is a win all around.

You can get at a tonne of great jams by visiting aLLriGHT’s SOUNDCLOUD. From there, you can access all of their social media, including a kick-ass BLOG, which you really should be peeping, instead of wasting your precious time here.

Have the people stompin’ to my beat? You bet!