Let’s face it, a MASHUP, in it’s simplest form, is just an acappella from one song, laid over the instrumental of another song. With modern technology, a child can achieve this in a matter of minutes. Mashups, however, are not limited to such simplicity. In the hands of a good producer, the elements can be altered to sonically compliment eachother, and in doing so, can breathe new life into old songs that, alone, have grown stale.


He’s a resident of Austria and one of the most renowned Mashup producers in the world. What more do you need to say about him. Let the work speak for itself…

Below is a Schmolli mash that combines the SUB FOCUS REMIX of THE PRODIGY‘s SMACK MY BITCH UP with vocals from RED HOT CHILI PEPPERSGIVE IT AWAY, and EXODUS by BOB MARLEY. Do yourself a huge favour and watch the MUSIC VIDEO, produced by INSTAMATIC, before downloading the song.

DJ Schmolli – Give It Away Bitch

Wow, I was bored to shit with that Sub Focus rmx. It’s like a whole new track now! If you’re lovin’ it, you will probably heart the rest of the EP it came from. It’s titled CLXXIV and it’s a 5 track EP that combines DRUM N BASS with ROCK vocals. All tracks are bootlegged by Schmolli. Grab it from one of the only blogs I frequent, AUDIOPORNCENTRAL.

SCHMOLLI has loads of different ways to keep up with him. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK, SOUNDLOUD, and his BLOG. Get on it!

I gotta go get what I got and put it in me.