This past weekend, I finally got a chance to check out Toronto’s big anime convention, ANIME NORTH. There, I hung out with one of my best living homies, DJ VIRUS, and we engaged in our favourite pass-time: LAUGHIN’ AT JERKS! Oh, Spiderman with baggy pants and a sword, you made my night.

No disrespect to all the anime nerds in attendance. As a huge music geek, I have nothing but mad love for all of the dork disciplines. In that light, I thought I should post something for all you anime nerds, and HARDCORE heads alike. First a word on Virus.

He has been rocking raves for over a decade and is extremely well respected amongst Hard Dance Producers for his wealth of knowledge about Hardcore Rave music. There are few people on the planet that have the kind of dedication to Hardcore that Virus does, and it’s matched by impeccable taste in tunes. A friend of mine was once bitching about how stale HHC had become, but then mentioned that Virus was the only guy with enough love to wade through all the crap and find those 20 to 30 tunes that completely kick ass! Agreed.

Recently, Virus has been gaining notoriety all over the world for his incredible JAPANESE HARDCORE sets. He’s a big white guy from Toronto but, for some reason, he has a connection with Japanese music, and has been using his skills as a DJ to release J-CORE mixes that are better than anything I have heard from any DJs actually from Japan. No offense. It’s just that Virus is really good at what he does, so relax.


Earlier this year, Virus released the 4th installment of his Konichiwa series and it is some of the most fun you will ever have listening to a mixtape. Anime fans will cream when they hear this.




Kicco – Jounetsu No Uoburu (Shimamura Remix)
Lia – Sky High (Inverse & Orbit1 Remix)
M-Project – Desire
Naomi Inoue – Realize (JAKAZiD Remix)
Tanuki – Genesis of Donkuarion (Hardcore Version)
M-Neko – KDG
Sakakibara Yui – Eternal Destiny (Shimamura’s Piano Lesson Until Dawn Remix)
M-Project Feat. Harunya – My Little Fantasy
Et3rn1-T – Guntank
M-Neko – Gekkou No Owari
Miki Matsuzawa – Lucky Girl (Shimamura Remix)
Tanuki – Merii Kurisumasu Mrs. Flawrence
Et3rni-T – Viva La E
DJ A.Q. – Motto Hade Ni Ne (SmashCore Remix)
Caramell – Caramelldansen (Remix)
Rita – Primary (Shimamura’s 10PM Remix)
Doll’s Renaissance – Negimaniax
Minamotoya Feat. Motoko – Stasis
Rekka Katakiri – Heating Soul (Shimamura’s Hardcore Remix)
Lia – The Never Ending Love (Shimamura’s XTC Mix)
Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya – Koi No Mikuru Densetsu (DJ A.Q. Angelica Core Vocal Remix)


HIGH POINTS: Virus uses his immense knowledge and skills as a selector to bring you the 22 best J-Core jams from the past 3 years, and he succeeds, undeniably. From the first drop to the final kick, this mix embodies everything that HHC is supposed to be when at its best. It’s manic energy through the roof! I can’t imagine any fan of Japanese culture leaving this mix without a giant smile on their face, but this mix is not JUST for J-Core kids. Any lover of Hard Dance music is going to go bonkers for these uber cheesy, but incredibly complex tunes. Even those who don’t normally enjoy Hardcore should give this mix a chance. Japanese culture and HHC seem to go hand in hand. They compliment eachother perfectly and Virus knows it. If you’ve ever enjoyed a hard mode DDR track, or the theme song of an anime series, this mix will likely make you explode with joy.

LOW POINTS: Okay, this mix is really close to perfect. I’m being extremely picky here, only for the sake of bitching about SOMETHING. So here it goes…

There are several blends in this mix where Virus has clashed keys quite alarmingly. The worst of them happens right around 30 mins, followed by another instense around 33 mins. Come on man, ugly mixes on each side of a track! One of the most important parts of a DJs job is to pick tunes that go together from one track to another, right? Well, if the layering of 2 tunes sounds like an ugly mess, then you must not be doing that job very well. There are genres of music where it’s easier to get away with clashy mixes, but HHC is NOT one of them. There is so much melody going on all the time that the listeners ears become more sensitive to anything that sounds off musically. The tunes in this mix are all so pretty, which makes it very out of place for a blend to be off key, causing anyone who is paying attention to go “ewwww”, when they would otherwise be going “weeee!”. Let me break it down to you real simple. Mixing out of key doesn’t sound good, which makes it unpleasurable to hear it, and pleasure is the most important reason to listen to a mix like this.

With that said, this mix is still REALLY REALLY PLEASURABLE. Like I wrote, I’m being picky (like, asshole picky). The track selection is so good that, honestly, I don’t give a shit about the odd clashy mix. Virus, I really think that J-Core should be your thing. You do it better than anybody.

Wanna be a fan of DJ VIRUS? Get at his FACEBOOK page, and pump more mixes from his MIXCLOUD.

Wings and laughin’ at jerks. Let’s do it!