The NOTORIOUSLY BIG shift in Hip-Hop

Do you think that the guys that killed BIGGIE SMALLS have come to regret it?

While you can argue the point forever, I think he was the greatest rapper of all time, and wonder what else he would have gone on to accomplish if his life haden’t been ended. Luckily for all of us, he managed to make some serious moves while he was still around.

Biggie’s 1994 smash hit, JUICY, is not only considered one of  the greatest HIP-HOP singles in history, it also signified a shift in the focus of rap music. Previous to ’94, GANGSTA RAP ruled the genre, and MCs rhymed about life on the streets, gang banging and hustling. Then, in the mid 90s, the content of rap music shifted to EGO RAP, and MCs began flowing about being rich and famous. This has remained the main focus in Hip-Hop up to this day.

While Biggie didn’t start the Ego Rap movement, Juicy became a flag ship tune for it, with its “rags to riches” lyrics about a gangsta rising up from the ghetto to become a succesful celebrity. And who better the deliver such a song than an artist best known for his Gangsta Rap.

While most Ego Rap is all about bitches and money, Biggie went beyond such obvious material things and touched upon some truly positive aspects of achieving success, like making his mother proud, and being able to buy earrings for his daughter. In doing so, he created a song that, quite unlike most modern Hip-Hop, is actually heart warming.

I’ve always found Juicy to be inspiring. After listening to it, I want to go out and do big things. It makes me feel like I can. I hope it has the same effect on other people too.

If you’re missing this jam from your collection, check out the MUSIC VID below, and if you’re feelin’ it, hit up the download link. This is a VINYL RIP with DJ FRIENDLY ins and outs. deal with it.

The Notorious B.I.G. – Juicy

If you’re kinda new and stuff, and you’re still not sure what the big deal is about BIGGIE SMALLS, you should read some more about him on WIKIPEDIA.

And if ya don’t know, now ya know, nigga!