Time for another tune that may or may not be TRANCE. This one can be found, on various digital music stores, categorized as HOUSE, ELECTRO, EURODANCE, and yes even TRANCE. I’m gonna  put in my 2 cents and say that this is a Trancey jam.

It’s a gorgeous re-singing of OLIVE‘s classic dance anthem, YOU’RE NOT ALONE, by well known Eurodance vocalist, LIZ KAY. Normally, I steer clear of re-sung vocals, but Liz has done such a great job that it might even be better than Olive’s original.

This one is produced by MYPD, which is one of the many MANY projects of MANIAN and YANOU who are both well-known for their solo work, and also collab together under various different names. The best know of these are TUNE UP! and CASCADA. That’s right.

So check out the jam below and lemme know if you feel a definite Trance vibe (or not).

MYPD feat. Liz Kay – You’re Not Alone (radio edit)

Dig this? You can learn more about LIZ KAY on her WEBSITE and grab her tunes HERE. MYPD have some more jams for you to snatch aswell. get them HERE.

I hope I’m NOT AONE in thinking this is Trance. Haha! Can’t believe I wrote that. LAAAAME!