I love TRANSITION tracks. They make it quick and easy for DJs to move from one genre to another, especially when those genres don’t naturally go together. San Francisco’s AUDIO1 has taken it upon himself to supply his fellow DJs with a slew of these. And guess what?!?! One of his Transitions features some MOOMBAHCORE business from your favourite dead guy, GOBBY Z!

Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Noisia To Gobby Z) (Audio1 Trans) (140-108-140)

That’s right! Audio1 has started off with the original NOISIA REMIX of SKRILLEX‘s SCARY MONSTERS & NICE SPRITES, and then slowweeedddd that BPM down to blend into a taste of my MOOMBAHCORE EDIT. Then, he picks it back up, into the DUBSTEP original. The result? A very fresh way to make the difficult transition from Dubstep to Moombahcore.

This transition is simple. Infact, it’s exactly what I would do in a live mix, and nothing more. The great thing about it is that, now even shit DJs are able to make that difficult switch. Hahahaaa! Just being hilarious. As I wrote, I love Trany tracks. They are a quicker, easier, and more fool proof way to change the style.

And that’s not the only one, by far! Hop onto Audio1’s SOUNDCLOUD, and you’ll find a big PLAYLIST of Trany tracks that switch between DUBSTEP, DRUMSTEP, MOOMBAHTON, MOOMBAHCORE, and DRUM N BASS. It’s rare to find Transition tracks that move between the BIG BASS genres. In that way, this is one wicked fresh playlist and Audio 1 is doing all of us a huge service.

There’s loads more party jams on that AUDIO1 SOUNDCLOUD, and they’re all free to download, so hit it up and get raping! You will also find links to his various social media posted there.