I’ve blogged before about how some songs take a while to grow on me. Sometimes, a song that I thought little of initially can even become one of my favourites.

Last year, one of the biggest and most important electronic acts of the nineties, UNDERWORLD, released a new album, BARKING, on which they started tracks and then passed them to artists, that they liked, to finish them up. This is a brilliant idea! The album is quite incredible, but unfortunately, it hasn’t recieved the fanfare that it deserves.

The first single from the album is called Scribble. It’s a DRUM N BASS jam passed to HIGH CONTRAST to inject his own unique flavours. The result is a beautiful, uplifting, but still hard hitting ride complete with Underworld’s signature stream of consciousness style lyrics. The songs chorus, “but it’s okay. You give me everything I need”, is such a simple phrase, but if you take the time to think about its meaning, you’ll discover that in its simplicity lies a very complex and deep idea.

9 months after its initial release, Scribble has become one of my favourite songs, infact, it’s quite theraputic to me, for reasons I won’t get into.

Underworld threw together a very simple MUSIC VIDEO to go with the song. It has some colourful visuals, and really just lets the music speak for itself. Check it out, and if you’re lovin’ it, grab the download below.

Underwrold feat. High Contrast – Scribble (Radio Edit)

You really should learn more about UNDERWORLD on WIKIPEDIA, check out their WEBSITE, and grab their BARKING album HERE.

They say “bad boy” a lot. What’s with that???