If you think my recent MOOMBAH EDITS have been sounding sweet, you can largely thank PAUL DAVID. He did the mastering on both tracks. Believe me, making other peoples jams sound nice is just the beginning of this mans talents.


He is a producer, DJ, and co-founder of BURNER RECORDS. He also helps throw a hot Thursday night in Toronto, appropriately called BURNER THURSDAYS. Paul’s productions cover ELECTRO, PROGRESSIVE, and DUTCH HOUSE, weaving together flavours from all three genres within his individual tracks. He’s a very active producer, pumping out new tunes almost weekly, and along with all this, he’s the kind of guy that you can walk up to and say hi, which is refreshing in a scene that is SOOO FULL OF DOUCHEBAGS! But I digress. Paul’s DJ sets are, well, as he puts it, they have people “forgetting themselves on the dancefloor”. I like that.

Check out an original electro banger from Paul, titled QUICKSILVER.

Paul David – Quicksilver

There’s plenty more tunes to be heard, from PAUL DAVID, on his SOUNDCLOUD. From there you can also access all of his social media. You should also grab his SUNSET ELECTRIC EP. It’s real dope stuff, Electro House headz!

Real dope stuff indeed!