I’ve been in the process of collabing on a choon with two NYC based producers, PROPER VILLAINS and MIKE DEXTRO.

You can catch a preview of our jam in this vid clip from my most recent Manhattan appearance (@ around 4:20 til the end)

I’ve written about PROPER VILLAINS in a past post, so it’s time I layed down some words about Mike. He’s an interesting guy.


He was born in Moscow, but has made NYC home for most of his life. At age two, he moved to America with his mother, leaving his father behind in Russia due to political complications. With a mother that attended the Moscow Conservatory, and a father who was a member of a rock band, Mike has always had music in his blood. He started out in the NY band scene, but after college, found a job with legendary HIP-HOP label, RAWKUS RECORDS, which launched the careers of MOS DEF and TALIB KWELI, and TURNED DOWN an album deal with a little known rapper named EMINEM. Mike was around for that blunder. Hahaaa!

In the early 2000’s, dance music culture exploded in New York and Dextro found himself immersed in it and inspired by it, which lead to him taking up DJing and REMIXING. Today, you can catch Mike throwing down at several regular club nights, and his remixes continually garner more and more attention. Listening to his productions, you can hear the influence of many years in many different music scenes. His tunes are complex and innovative, while often giving a nod to the sounds of the past. Perfect!

Here’s my personal favourite remix by Mike, thus far. It’s his take on a jam called YOUR NAME, originally by HEARTME! Watch out for that massive, oldschooly rave build. Blamo!

Your Name (Mike Dextro Remix) – HEARTME!

To be honest, I’ve never heard the original of this tune. Whatever. Mike’s remix is pure dopeness!

There’s plenty of ways to keep up with MIKE DEXTRO. You can follow him on FACEBOOK and TWITTER and peep more jams via his SOUNDCLOUD. He also has a pretty sweet TUMBLR. VINYL enthusiasts may want to grab the pressing of his jam, DIRT ROCK. You should also check out his latest project, BARYSHNIKOV.

This is one guy I can’t wait to meet in person.