I always have a favourite producer of the moment, and it changes several times a year, but when it comes to all-time favourite, it’s gotta be DIPLO. He does a lot of collaborating with other artists and whenever he teams up with somebody new, you know you’d better check that other artists out, because their shit is gonna be fressssssshhhhhhh. Here’s a great example…


I’m breaking my NO FRENCHIES RULE for this one, so you know it’s gonna be good. Douster resides in France and is making big waves all over the world with his unique productions. He describes his LIKES as “Bass, airhorns, Jackin’ TROPICAL beats, weed, gunshots”. If you’re reading this blog, I’m pretty sure you share a liking for atleast one of those things. Most likely all.

Diplo got together with Douster to pump out a tune simply titled “ON !”. But this jam, is anything but simple. It’s on fiya!!1 Here we go.

Diplo & Douster – ON !

You can keep up with DOUSTER by visiting his SOUNDCLOUD, FACEBOOK, and TWITTER. He also has a WEBSITE to kill time on, and a couple EPs that you can grab from HERE.

To keep ontop of DIPLO, spend some time on his MAD DECENT WEBSITE.

Why do I bother making rules?