It is the true test of a CRUNK rapper that they are able to maintain there ghettoness, despite fame and success. Few MC’s (or any musicians, for that matter) are able to achieve this.


With 11 years in the game, the YING YANG TWINS have become a household name, and one of the most recognizable faces of Crunk HIP-HOP. In almost 2 years, we only heard 1 new song from the Twins, but when it dropped, it showed us that they were still totally relevant.

BOOMERANG makes me excited to hear what’s coming next from Ying Yang & MR. COLLIPARK, who’s probably the worlds best producer of Crunk beats. He lays down a dirty, oldschooly 808 bed, and the Twins fill it with their distinct ghetto filthiness that never ceases to inspire booty clappin’ on the danefloor. You don’t have this yet? Fix that!

Ying Yang Twins – Boomerang

The Twins followed up Boomerang with the release of a new album, called STREETS TO DA CLUB. Boomerang isn’t on the album, but if you’re feelin’ it, you’re gonna want to check this album out.

You can read more about YING YANG TWINS on WIKIPEDIA, and keep up to date with them on TWITTER and FACEBOOK. Ofcourse, they also have lots more ghetto goodness for you to snatch from HERE.

Skeet skeet skeet!