You know I’m nuts about MOOMBAHTON. Well there’s a particular jam, by a Canadian act, that has been boucing around in my head for several weeks now. This one’s bonkers!


They are a masked duo, hailing from Ottawa, and comprised of DJ/producers, BOY VOID and BEAT TO DEAF! With a focus on never repeating the same sounds, they’ve been pumping out killer jams in different styles, and have recently made some contributions to the Moombah Monster.

My favourite of these is an edit of an original Moombahton banger by Denmark’s RONNIE FLEX. Micro Prophet have injected it with even more BOOM! to shake the dancefloor. The intro is giggle inducing, the horn line build is infectious and uplifting, and then that out-of-nowhere drop pulls you back down to the dirty underground. Have I teased you enough? Check it out!

Ronnie Flex – Let the Ho Say No (Micro Prophet Boombahton Remix)

If you get a chance to see Micro Prophet live, do it! They have an amazing and unique show that involves on-the-fly remixing of their tunes and, get this, audience interaction in which the peeps in the crowd trigger certain sounds, such as their popular “REGGAE HORN”.

Be sure to check out MICRO PROPHET’s SOUNDCLOUD, and reach out to their various social media from there. You can also snatch up the rest of the LET THE HO SAY NO EP and more of their killer kutz HERE.

Now, where can I get a Reggae Horn of my own???