This is my 200th post, and to celebrate, I’m gonna up a personal guilty pleasure of mine.



Madonna – Borderline

This one is from all the way back in 1984. I love it because it embodies everything about the cheesy 80’s Dance Pop that I listened to as a kid. That’s the only reason I like it, BUT I will mention a few things that make this song important beyond my own reminiscing.

BORDERLINE was the first top 10 hit for MADONNA, and musical historians have said that it was this song that solidified her position in the music industry. The lyrics were praised by critics for speaking out against male chauvinism, which was a very progressive thing to do in the 80’s. The music video received further praise for breaking down stereotypes against interracial relationships, because Madonna’s boyfriend in the video is latino. Wait, really??? Hahaaa. What a wacky world we used to live in. Speaking of the video, here it is!

In the opening shot, did anybody else think Madonna was winding up to punt that kid in the crotch??? There’s another potential kick in the face moment at 17 secs. Ha! Beyond the dissapointment from the lack of people getting kicked in this video, I love it! The way Madonna dressed back then makes me drool.

By the way, this track is a VINYL RIP, but it’s super easy and cheap to go grab off ITUNES if you want it without the pops and hisses. Personally, I think this is the way it was meant to be heard.

You can read more about BORDERLINE on WIKIPEDIA, and check out MADONNA’s WEBSITE for more of her stuff.

Girls who dress like 80’s Madonna get eaten first! Just sayin’.