I got followed on Twitter by an awesome band called PRETEND YOU’RE HAPPY.

They are originally from Vermont, and started out as a 2 piece acoustic act, but as more musicians began to get involved, they bloomed into an 8 piece ensemble, with another 8 regularly contributing musicians. They take influence from FOLK, CLASSICAL, and HARDCORE PUNK, resulting in a very unique sound. Their productions are richly orchestrated, while still maintaining INDIE-ROCK grit combined with quirky, playful vocals.

PYH have a lot of great tunes and it was difficult to pick one to share with you but I decided to go with HAIL TO THE DREAM, which is one of their MORE epic songs. But all of their songs are pretty epic. Check this out.

Pretend You’re Happy – Hail To The Dream

See? Epic!

You need to hear more. Get at PRETEND YOU’RE HAPPY on MYSPACE and grab their songs from ITUNES.

Followed you back.