It’s been a while since my last MIXTAPE review, so let’s make it a big one!

I’m sure you know Bart. He’s just, like, one of the biggest names in Electronic music! This dutch producer has become revered for his unique combinations of TECHNO elements with big room DUTCH HOUSE and ELECTRO. I’m a huge fan of his massive build ups, and the percussion in his tracks. Where most dutch house maintains traditional 4/4 timing, Bart tends to go for more of a BREAK BEAT feel, and always fills his drums with MASSIVE BASS! Okay, enough dorkyness. Let’s get to the mix.


A killer example of what you’ll hear in a live Bart BMore set, with lots of his own tunes, and new stuff from his favourite producers of the moment.


1. Bart B More & Harvard Bass – The Funky One
2. Bart B More & Rubix – Ari
3. Teenage Bad Girl – X Girl (Bart B More Main Remix)
4. Dem Slackers – Global Grind (Baskerville Remix)
5. Dr. Gonzo – Bust ’em Up (French Fries Remix)
6. Cassius – I <3 U So (Henzel & Disco Nova Bootleg)
7. Style of Eye – Wet
8. Bart B More & Harvard Bass – Listen To This (DIM Unreleased Remix)
9. ZZT – ZZafrika (Sound Of Stereo Remix)
10. TAI – Beat Down
11. Mumbai Science – Lotus
12. Baskerville – Devil’s Town (Bart B More Stuiter Remix)
13. Bart B More – Gilles (Tourette Edit)
14. Bart B More – Glow
15. DIM & TAI – Ion
16. Bart B More – Traction (Bart B More vs Funkin Matt Remix Edit)
17. Bart B More – Music, Music, Music
18. TAI – Taibanga
19. Bart B More & TAI – Spezi
20. Baskerville – Leecher
21. Bart B More & Harvard Bass – The Dark One
22. Donovans – FX1 (Canblaster & Panteros666 Remix)
23. Bart B More & Tommie Sunshine – Bodywork
24. Shinichi Osawa & Beataucue – H.O.W.L.


HIGH POINTS: This is a mix of tunes that are ready to be dropped at the biggest and most renowned clubs on the planet. The best of the best are presented here, blended flawlessly together, with a perfect flow from one tune to the next. It’s an hour-and-a-half of HUGE builds, with a pleasant surprise after every drop. Bart keeps you guessing about what’s coming next, with his emphasis on sourcing and showcasing big room bangers that explore new conventions to build up the dancefloor energy, hold it to build tension, and then let it go and watch the place explode. The tunes herein  will, no doubt, be imitated over and over during the next few months. In that light, this mix is a great way to get a glimpse of what’s coming next in main stage House music. Take a quick look at the track list and you will probably notice that half of these jams are by Bart, himself, in some way. There are few artists that can deliver such a versatile experience using so much of their own material. Versatility is something that Bart does very VERY well.

LOW POINTS: Okay. This is strictly a matter of opinion, and it falls apart as soon as we start talking about Techno, and I know that Bart’s music is heavily influenced by Techno, but since this is primarily a Dutch House/Electro mix, I think the following applies…

In a live DJ set, the goal of that DJ is to move the dancefloor. At a club, the reason people are there is to dance. In this regard, all that a particular song needs (espcially if you happen to be the headlining act) is a good beat, and/or a catchy hook, to yield the DJs desired result. A mixtape is a different beast, because it is most often consumed while sitting or travelling, by an individual or small group who are splitting their attention between the mix and other activities. With this in mind, I believe that every song on a mixtape should stand out on it’s own and deliver something memorable that demands the attention of the listener. While Bart’s mix delivers this, for the most part, there are some tracks on it, that I feel are great for a packed dancefloor, but are forgettable in a listening situation. I found myself forgetting what certain tracks sounded like right after the next tune dropped. Now, I know Bart is an international superstar, and the goal of this mix is probaly not to generate bookings. Fair enough. For the rest of us, consider the following…

THE CAR SCENARIO. Your mixtape is being pumped on the stereo of a full car. Your ultimate goal in designing your mix should be that for every track, somebody in the car goes, “Ohhh, I love this song!!!”. When this happens, the tune gets cranked up, and everyone in the car is now paying full attention to your mix for a moment. Naturally, the more often this happens, the more memorable your mixtape becomes for everyone in the car. Hopefully those that don’t have it will go get it and continue to spread it to there friends in similar fashion. Hopefully, there is a promoter in the car, and one of the people yelling “Ohhh, I love this sooooong!!!” is a hot girl (sorry ladies but in my experience, most promoters are dudes). Hopefully, that promoter is trying to curry the favour of that hot girl by booking the DJs and artists that she enjoys. As you can see, the result of a succesful car scenario is that your sounds get spread to more heads, and bookings get generated for you.

This mix is really really good, but it’s also quite long. I think it would have been an even stronger listen if some of those forgettable tunes were dropped thus reducing the overall play time. Bart, please don’t get me wrong. You’re fucking brilliant, man, and I love this mixtape. It’s very inspiring.

Be sure to check out BART BMORE’s WEBSITE, follow him on FACEBOOK, and get at more of his music and mixes on SOUNDCLOUD.