For those that don’t know, I used to spin GABBER back in the day. It was the first musical genre that I loved enough to start collecting. I now boast a pretty sweet collection of Gabber VINYLS, and as DKGL continues, I will ocassionally rip one of these rare records to share with the digital world. Yes, there is one coming right now.

If you happen to have my very first MIXTAPE, More For Your Core (2005), you will hear this track at the end of the mix. I would often end my sets with it back in the Gabber days.

The Omen – That’s All Folks

HARDCORE DJs, use this rip as a TOOL. It’s the perfect set ender if you’re going out happy and hard. However, please take note: this track can ONLY be played at the end of a set! If you don’t understand why that is, then the very basics of track selection escape you, and you should, therefore, NOT be trying to DJ. Find a new hobby! You’re no good at this.

For the rest of you, ENJOY!