Time for another chilled out WEED jam for you to pump during your next summer session. This one comes from DUB PISTOLS, and it’s perfect for a hot day.

Dub Pistols are a London based band that have been creating DUB heavy BIG BEAT jams since 1998, so you know that when they drop some Marijuana music, they’re coming with mad experience, and it’s gonna be done proper.

For GANJA, The Pistols enlisted the vocal talents of one of the UK’s oldest and most respected MC’s, a true legend on the mic, RODNEY P.

Check out what it sounds like when 2 legendary acts come together to spread love for the herb…

Dub Pistols feat. Rodney P – Ganja


Check out the DUB PISTOLS WEBSITE, FACEBOOK, & SOUNDCLOUD. You can also snatch up more of their jams HERE.

RODNEY P can be followed in the usual places, FACEBOOK & TWITTER. You should also grab more of his jams HERE.

Meditation’s what it’s for!