MARCUS VISIONARY is a Canadian artist that I can only describe as VERY VERY IMPORTANT. Here are some reasons why…

– Marcus was born and raised in Toronto Canada, where he has been an active member of the rave scene, as a DJ, producer, and promoter, for the past 20 years. It is partly his efforts and his worldwide fame that have kept the Toronto DRUM N BASS scene running strong for so long.

-Marcus is co-owner of the Brooklyn based LIONDUB label, which has become renowned all over the globe for releasing heavily DUB and REGGAE influenced JUNGLE, and DUBSTEP. He is also preparing to launch a new label called INNER CITY DANCE.

-He is an official member of the DIGITAL SOUNDBOY camp along with some of the biggest names in Drum N’ Bass.

-In mid 2010, Marcus broke away from his Jungle roots and released CARIB, a progressive album of unique TROPICAL BASS, heavily influenced by SOCA, KUDURO, and DUBSTEP. It was heralded as ground breaking and brought Marcus a lot of new attention from outside the DnB realm.

-Marcus followed up Carib with his HUMBLE album, on which he returned to his roots, fusing together Jungle, ROOTS REGGAE, and dub, with vocals by some of the most respected names in the history of reggae music, including the late SUGAR MINOTT.

-Being an avid supporter of “ALL THINGS BASS”, Marcus launched a podcast site called CHANNEL ONE, which is used by a group of carefully selected, like minded Canadian DJ’s to release mixes that showcase and experiment with the ever progressing sounds of Bass heavy music.

If you didn’t already, I hope that you now have a new appreciation for the prolific and incredibly busy man that is Marcus Visionary. Now for some music…

Marcus has been good enough to include a FREE TUNE on his Humble LP. MUSICAL MURDERATION stays true to the Liondub sound with heavy dub vibes over blistering Jungle breaks. Get on it, and then be sure to check out the rest of the ALBUM.

Marcus Visionary – Musical Murderation

MARCUS VISIONARY can be reached via FACEBOOK and TWITTER. He also has a BLOG for you to peep, and a lot more music to grab HERE.