Here comes a killer JUNGLE jam that you likely won’t find on any DRUM N BASS blog or forum. The reason? Because this one is released on a HARDCORE label.

It’s true that few DnB heads will venture into BREAKBEAT HARDCORE territory, which is a shame, in this case, because it means that they end up missing out on CHOOSE ONE, by German HARD DANCE producer, DEFNOYZ. Along with Drum N Bass, he also produces UK HARDCORE, J-TEK and oldschooly Hardcore Breaks. All of these genres get mixed together in his live sets.

On Choose One, Defnoyz has taken the classic CUTTY RANKS 6 MILLION WAYS TO DIE… sample, and kept it sounding fresh with big ugly basslines and jump-up Jungle breaks. It’s pure high energy. Enjoy!

Defnoyz – Choose One

There are a whole bunch of bad ass compilations out that feature tunes by DEFNOYZ. Check ’em HERE.

Oh, and junglists, don’t forget to take a peek outside the box every once and a while. Yeah?