If you are in to HOUSE music at all, I guarantee you that there is atleast one mix of SAMMY PERLTA’s SHAKE IT on his 2010 REMIXES COLLECTION that is perfect for you. New York native, Sammy, put together a 21 track monster package of different mixes by himself and tonnes of other artists. His hit club banger, Shake It, lends itself so well to different interpretations, that there is now a version of it in pretty much every style of House you can think of. I’m gonna give you Sammy’s CARNAVALE MIX to check out. I love the massive TRIBAL drums, big dutch synths, and plenty of TROPICAL hype. However, I also gotta large up the ALTERNATIVE REALITY MIX, a much sparser tribal version, with some wicked 303’s, and the big fidgety remix by fellow Canadian, HATIRAS. OR, for a much more minimal feel check out STEVE PRIOR‘s take. Anyways, here’s the tune. Sammy Peralta – Shake It (Sammy Peralta Carnavale mix) House heads need to give a listen to this ENTIRE RELEASE, and pick out the version that suits you. Let me know which one you went for. DJ’s, I recommend picking up the entire thing, to arm yourself with a mix of this jam suitable for any night in any club, anywhere. Producers, the ACAPELLA is also included, so you can add your own version to the collection. One more time, you can get at all the different mixes HERE. Learn more about SAMMY PERALTA via his WEBSITE, and grab more of his killer Electro House HERE. Versatility. That’s what I like to see.