Another classic GABBER VINYL RIP? Sure, why not! This time, a lil’ somethin’ for the NEW STYLE heads.

In 2001, ROTTERDAM RECORDS subsidiary label, TERROR TRAXX, released the first volume of THE REMIX PROJECT. They invited the champions of the new sound of HARDCORE to remix the label’s biggest tunes. One of the remixes on the release would become one of the biggest tracks of the year, aswell as one of the greatest Gabber remixes of all time. It was THE VIPER’s version of that classic HAPPY GABBA rip of BONNIE TYLER’s TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART, titled TURN AROUND.


In the late 80’s he began experimenting with scratching and mixing, and had already become a proficient turntablist before releasing his first Gabber record, in 1996. Later on, The Viper would become one of the pioneers of the Newstyle Gabber sound, slowing down his bpm, and incorporating elements of HARD HOUSE into his creations. By 2001, The Viper had become one of the most sought after names in the Dutch Gabber scene, and he continues to be today.

The Viper took Damage Inc’s original Happy jam, and brought it to a darker place, with huge distorted drums, screaming synths, and dark spacious reverbs. The breakdown features more of Bonnie’s vocal than the original, and provides a perfect euphoric breather to contrast the insanity that ensues when the track finally drops back to the main hook. It’s difficult to call any remix “perfect”, but this one is definately in that zone. Get ready and press play…

Damage Inc. – Turn Around (The Viper rmx)

THE VIPER has a great WEBSITE for you to peep. The rest of his social media can be easily reached from there. If you’re not a fan of VINYL RIPS, his Turn Around remix is available DIGITALLY. He also has lots more music that you to grab from HERE.

As we go a little somethin’ like this. Hit it!