I had heard the rumours about SC@R’s fireproof mouth, and was so pumped to join her for wings so that I could see her in action. We met at the home of Toronto’s most famously dehabilitating chicken wings, and I readied myself for the show. Much to my shock and horror, when it came time to order, Sc@r asked for the… HONEY GARLIC WINGS!!1

This was such a crushing let down, especially considering that Sc@r is rarely one to dissapoint.

She is currently the fastest rising artist in the UK HARDCORE scene, and the first female HHC producer to achieve international fame, with appearances all over the world. I’m not sure why it is, but there are VERY few female Hardcore producers out there. Wadup with that? This, however, makes Sc@r somewhat of a pioneer. My hope is that her success will encourage more ladies of the core to enter the studio.

In addition to being an accomplished DJ & producer, Sc@r is also an avid participant in web radio, broadcasting on KRAFTY RADIO, aswell as several other HHC friendly stations. She also writes for a bi-monthly Hardcore scene mag, called CORE. With all of these contributions, it’s needless to say that Sc@r is a very important figure in today’s hardcore scene, and that importance only continues to grow.

Check out this uplifting collaboration between two prominent female figures of HARD DANCE, Sc@r & singer/songwriter, CAT KNIGHT. It called LET IT TAKE CONTROL. I suggest you press play and allow the music to do just that.

Sc@r & Cat Knight – Let It Take Control

Brilliant! Definately a hot tune by a hot producer, BUT the question still remains: Can Sc@r really handle the hottest of chicken wings with ease, or is this merely a vicious rumour? We will have to find out the next time we meet. I’ll make sure we get to the bottom of this.

‘Til then, you can all follow Sc@r on FACEBOOK, and TWITTER, check out her WEBSITE, and get at lots of her wicked HHC productions HERE.

A chip fight will likely ensue.