I gotta large up Brooklyn bad bwoys, NINJASONIK. Why? Sheeeit, where do I begin…

-For speaking out against the “HIP-HOP uniform” of baggy jeans and white tees.

“For years every kid in the hood that refused to dress in the ‘hip hop’ uniform of baggy jeans and white t’s has been shitted on and when they wore tight pants, some motherfuckers had the nerve to go say some shit like ‘look at this tight pants wearing ass nigga’ . . . fuck the haters tho . . . ”


-For parodying THE WARRIORS in their latest MUSIC VIDEO.


-For making one of the freshest sounding and most fun albums I’ve heard this year, and giving it out FOR FREE, in the form of their WHEN ANXIETY ATTACKS MIXTAPE.


I could go on, but let’s drop some music instead. These guys manage to maintain a sound that is just as much Hip-Hop as it is PUNK, as it is ELECTRO, as it is POP, and all of these sounds are well represented in the WAA Mixtape. Right now, I’m gonna focus on the more Hip-Hop oriented stuff. I can’t narrow it down to one jam, so I’m gonna give you 2 tracks to chew on.

Ninjasonik ft. Spank Rock – Global (Produced by Dj Hoff & Dj Teenwolf)


Ninjasonik ft. Lil B – OMG (Produced by Roofeeo Ft. Dj Teenwolf)

And again, these 2 songs by no means represent the sound of the whole mixtape. You NEEEEED to check it out. Trust me, you aint comin’ outta this one dissapointed. Here’s the LINK again.

Hit up NINJASONIK on their WEBSITE. You can also follow along on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. Oh, and grab some more choonage HERE.