First of all, I’ve just moved to New York City, so I wanna throw up something by a true NYC native. Second, I wanna do as much as I can to support the MOOMBAHTON movement, so I gotta write about the most important figures of the genre. I’ve already written about DAVE NADA and MUNCHI. Now it’s time to talk about DAVID HEARTBREAK.

Though born and raised in Brooklyn, Heartbreak has made North Carolina his home since moving there for school several years ago. He’s influenced by many different types of music, but it’s his early contributions to Moombahton, and pioneering sounds of Moombahcore that have recently seen David touring all over the globe. Though most of his creations now fall into the specs of Moombah, he takes influence from very different sounds for each track, always experimenting, meaning that the Heartbreak body of work is an incredibly diverse pallet of sounds, and he’s only just getting started.

While most of Dave’s music is FREE to download, he recently released his first signed EP. On it is a monstrous TROPICAL SMOKERS jam, titled BLAZE UP. Hit it below.

Heartbreak – Blaze Up

If you like that, you’d better go ahead and check out the rest of the DAVID HEARTBREAK EP. There’s also tonnes of music to get at on his SOUNDCLOUD, and you can hit up the rest of his social media from there.

Heartbreak, MAKE DEM ROCK!