I recently re-stumbled upon LUMIDEE and FATMAN SCOOP’s DANCE! An awesome 2006 jam, that represented the start of a great period in POP music. For the next few years, many songs followed a similar model, but few did it as well. Cheeky diva vocals collide with calls from one of the greatest Hype Men of all time, over fat TROPICAL beats, and it all happens along side that classic, catchy, perfect sing-a-long sample from WHITNEY HOUSTON’s I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY. It was also the official anthem of the 2006 FIF WORLD CUP, held in Germany. The MUSIC VIDEO features CG hijinks from GOLEO VI and his ball, Pille.

This sure was an improvement from the usual awefulness of World Cup anthems. I wish South Africa had taken Germany’s lead and nominated something in a similar vein, instead of that K’NAAN PIECE OF SHIT that became the 2010 anthem.

I know things have to change, but I wish Pop music was still being made in this style. It really embodies everything that a good Top 40 tune should be.

Goleo VI presents Lumidee vs Fatman Scoop – Dance!

I can’t believe this song is 5 years old already! You can follow LUMIDEE on TWITTER and check out more of her music HERE. FATMAN SCOOP has a WEBSITE for you to peep, and lots more hype to get at HERE.

Sometimes, I’m just a big rotten cheese ball.