If you happen to be looking for a dope ZOMBIE JAM with remixes that span many different genres, I’d like to suggest the BRAINEATERS EP, by SKOOF.

He’s been doing music related work around New York for the past decade, while also being heavily involved in the “horror business”. Who better to bring you a killer Z Jam for your Halloween set, or any occasion, if you roll with the kind of crews that I do.

The EP contains Skoof’s original, and 5 very different remixes, my favourite of which is the HITCHCOCK HELP US REMIX. Check it out below and get ready to bobble.

Skoof – Braineaters (Hitchcock Help Us remix)

You’d better check out the rest of the EP, plus a bunch more stuff from SKOOF, HERE. You might wanna also hit up his SOUNDCLOUD.

You’re a zombie too! *CHOMP*