Holy SHIT! Check out this horrible cover of my all-time favourite song, A-HA’s TAKE ON ME


That’s just a sample. Should you so desire, you can peep the whole track by clicking HERE.

I have no idea who SANDY PARKER is but I wish I could contact him and ask a few important questions that plague my mind when I listen to this cover. Questions like:

-You obviously know you can’t sing because you tried to mask the fact with distortion and shit-tonnes of reverb. Knowing that you suck ass at singing, why would you bother to attempt such a challenging song??

-Did you really think that your attempts to mask your horrible singing were effective?

-Have you listened to any electronic music in the past 15 years??

-I noticed this track is labelled as the “Sandy Parker remix”. Did you feel this was necessary because you envisioned an out-pour of other remixes???

-Is there a different original version and is it even more horrible than the remix???

I have even more pressing questions for the people at Latin-American label, MUSIC BROKERS, who released Sandy’s terrible cover on a compilation called 80’s REMIXES ESSENTIALS. They actually heard this track and considered it good enough to pay money for. Infact, the name of the comp suggests that this jam is an “ESSENTIAL” if you are in to remixes of classic 80’s songs.

Feel free to preview more of the 80’s REMIXES ESSENTIALS comp, if you’re up for giggling at absolutely butchered 80’s favourites. I literally LOLed.

Do you think ANYONE has bought this compilation??? So many questions.