THIS IS IT! MY 240th entry, and the final post of the 1st year of DEAD KIDS GET LIVELY. I’m gonna end off year 1 with a  WEED jam! I want something that’s a modern take on a classic. This will work perfectly…

It’s a JUNGLE version of one of the greatest weed jams of all time, I GOT 5 ON IT by LUNIZ. This one has been ripped and chopped up by a mysterious CANADIAN RAGGA JUNGLE murderator, known as MIGHTY DREADNAUT. Check out the original classic below, then look under that to peep what MD has done with it…

Luniz – I Got 5 On It (Mighty dreadnaut 2010 ReSmash)

The above jam was released on the WARLORD DUBPLATE label and distributed by JungleXpeditions. I wrote about both parties in a PREVIOUS POST.

You can check out more of MIGHTY DREANAUT’s “tear the walls down” creations via FACEBOOK or SOUNDCLOUD, and visit the ILLEGAL RECORDS site for an awesome write up on the man.

Now light up a fatty, and lets celebrate a whole year of big music! Thanx for reading!

PS. I think the backing track for I Got 5 On It is the most erotic piece of music ever made. Maybe I’ll write more about THAT in year 2.