You’re not gonna find much DEADMAU5 here on DKGL. I love what he’s done for performance DJing, but his music, for the most part, bores the shit out of me. I believe the only reason he gained notoriety is because he presented a style of ELECTRO that was marketable to the aging, out of touch, but financially influencial, techno generation.

With that said, I NEED to make an exception when a Deadmau5 track features the soulful vocals of BILLY NEWTON-DAVIS.

He’s a multi JUNO AWARD winning vocalist that focused his talents on RnB music from the early eighties through to 2008, when his focus shifted to Electro jams. Since then, he has recorded beautiful, uplifting, and sexy vocals for many releases on Canadian based label, PLAY RECORDS.

The label is about to release a much anticipated album of Billy’s work, which will be the latest addition to their AT PLAY series. You can PREVIEW the entire release HERE.

I wanna draw your attention to a specific song on the album, titled I LIKE YOUR MUSIC. The vocals are sparse, but passionate, and are coupled with a dirty, catchy bassline to arrive at a song that is simply just great HOUSE music. Hit this up!


DOWNLOAD: Deadmau5 vs Billy Newton-Davis – I Like Your Music (RIGHT CLICK > SAVE AS)



The world needs to clue in to how good Canadians are at making sexy beats.