OM-fuckin’-G! I just discovered Richard Henry (aka RICH H), “your favourite rapper”, from Houston TX.

I’m telling you, I can spot talent when I hear it and this guy is about to take over the internet! Let’s start with his rapping. Check out my favourite RICH H tune, I SLEPT WITH MY PROFESSOR. Careful ladies. This guy is smooooth…


Whaaaaa-oooooOOOO! Okay, no doubt I’ve got all the ladies on my side with that one. For any of the homeboys that are still doubting the ferocity of RICH H’s flow, here’s an example of his lyrical superiority. This one’s called HARD TIMES…


My favourite part is when he talks about girls thinking he’s creepy. Such honesty from such an obvious mega-talent. Effort and passion and attitude are soooo played out when it comes to modern Hip-Hop. RICH H doesn’t have any of those things. It’s so refreshing! He truly is the BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE GUY of Rap.

RICH H’s talents does stop at rapping. He also does stand up comedy. Here’s a clip…


I love how you can’t really tell where the punchlines are. That’s RICH H for ya. He always keeps you guessing. This is edge-of-your-seat comedy here people!

Wait, he get’s even better. RICH H has written 2 BOOKS on HOW TO RAP! The first is called A GUIDE TO WRITING HIP HOP LYRICS, Here’s a tiny example of the great advice that YOU could be reading from this lyrical master…


Hmmm. Memorize your songs. It just makes sense! And the way that he takes 2 minutes to give that tip. What a words-smith! I wish my ass wasn’t so broke, so I could pick up both of RICH H’s books. I can only imagine what other hidden secrets of Hip Hop writing mastery lie within.

His follow up book is titled THE ULTIMATE FREESTYLE MANUAL. Let me give you a little taste of what this incredible book is about. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna ruin it for you. Just the opening few lines will give you an idea of the treasures that lie within. Prepare to be hooked!


Clearly, RICH H holds within his grasps the secrets of freestyling! And rather than keep them to himself, he’s ready and willing to share his secrets with the world so that we can all “freestyle with effectiveness”.

Now, naturally, when faced with such superior talents, there’s bound to be some jealous HATERS out there. I just want you to know that if you’re talking shit about my boy, RICH H, “you’re full of crap like a constipated cow”. I’m sure RICH H has already encountered some haterade on his journey to super-stardom. I think I’ll let RICH H field this one in his own words, so he can let y’all know WHAT YOU’RE DEALING WITH


“For All y’all that don’t know and are clueless, I’m here to let you know what I’m about. I’m the lyrical poet mastermind straight from Houston. This hungry beast you hear is now thirsty for blood. Through all the trials and tribulation, my enemies are stumped. To all y’all that disrespected me, thy judgement is at hand. I’ve come a long way. From the bottom I do rise. So fools, pay attention!”

Amen, RICH H. Testify!

Why is it that RICH H hasn’t already exploded??? It’s because he doesn’t have a MUSIC VIDEO! I’m telling you, RICH H is just one music vid away from being the next BANGS! Until then, RICH H needs us all to spread his music and his message. I have no doubt that you’re with me on this.



I’m the champ-i-on, I’m the champ-i-on, I’m the champ-i-on, woo woo woo woo woooo woo woooooo!