If you are an aspiring musician intending to make music for a living, and you ever have the opportunity to take an ILL.GATES music course, I can’t recommend enough that you do it.


He is a Toronto based DJ/Producer, and also an educator. Ill.Gates is regarded, by many Electronic musicians all over the globe, as a musical genious, largely for his unprecedented knowledge of production. As he continually tours around the world, performing his unique style of glitchy BASS, he also presents a workshop detailing the methods that he has developed over his many years of experience.

To answer your first question, yes, he will show you how to make WOMPS and WOBBLES. You will also learn a series of organization secrets to producing tunes fast and efficiently using ABLETON, aswell as, and possibly more importantly, strategies to succeeding in the music industry and living as an artist.

You don’t have to wait for Ill.Gates to roll though your town. His WEBSITE and YOUTUBE CHANNEL are packed with TEMPLATES and TUTORIALS to get you started on your way to effective song composing, in whatever genre might be your focus.

For most of you, who are not pursuing a career in music, we are lucky enough to have his songs to enjoy. Several months ago, Ill.Gates released a FREE TUNE that he made with some Aussie friends outdoors, after a wild bush party in Australia. Check out the clip of the process going down, and then peep the tune below. You know I love my MARIJUANA MUSIC. You might wanna spark up before giving this one a spin.





Incase you’re wondering, yes, I have taken the Ill.Gates workshop myself. I feel so lucky that somebody with such an immense wealth of knowledge is willing to share it with everyone. Okay, now I’m just gushing. Gonna stop it.