^ How’s that for alliteration?

The below VINYL RIP is rare in two ways. First, it’s a difficult track to find, on any medium. Second, it’s a BREAKCORE selection that I actually like. That doesn’t happen too often.

To be more specific, this jam falls into the sub-genre of RAGGACORE, a style championed by Dutch producer, BONG RA. However, the track in mention comes from Japan and is by FRX.

No wonder it’s a hard tune to find. The track title is “061203”. It’s typical of the Breakcore genre to go against the conventions of popular music, so complicated, undescriptive, or misleeding titles are common place. It’s a shame, really, because this jam is a blistering 200 bpm RAGGA JUNGLE tear out, that is sure to move lovers of hard music. It was the first and only release for Ragga Core Records. Press play and hold on to something.

DOWNLOAD: FRX – 061203 (Ragga-Core Records 001) (RIGHT CLICK>SAVE AS)

There’s no “GET MORE” section in this post cuz I can’t find any social media for this guy, which isn’t that surprising considering that FRX only released music in 2004. I suppose you could visit the artists DISCOGS PAGE if you’d like.