In the PREVIOUS POST you will find a BREAKCORE RECORD that I love, which is a rare occurence. I’ve written, in a PAST POST about my problems with the Breakcore genre. Now, here’s an example of noisy garbage that I just don’t get…

FARO is the first track on a free EP, called ANEURISM, by a Breakcore group, called SPLIT MIND. The EP is free because there’s no way anybody would pay for it. Or maybe I’m wrong. I definately have a pretty strong prejudice against Breakcore. I’m curious to hear from some fans of the genre about if this track is enjoyable to them, or if it is, infact, as aweful as I think it is. It seems to me that Split Mind has done everything possible to ensure that nobody could like this track. You’re gonna need to check it out to know what I’m talking about. Good luck getting through the whole thing. I’m sorry for doing this to you.

First of all, why is this track 42 minutes long? They really expect people to sit through the whole thing? There’s a reason that pop songs are 3 to 4 mins long. It’s because this is the average human attention span for listening to a single song. 12″ dance tracks tend to be longer because the human body has a greater tolerance than the mind for moving to a single song. It is, infact, enjoyable for us to move to repeating hooks and beats. Clearly, Split Mind didn’t make this track with the intention of people dancing to it, though. The constantly changing rhythm structure makes that impossible. So we have a song that you can’t dance to and it’s too damn long to listen to. Not that it would be much more listenable if chopped down. This is 42 mins of noisy, random crap. It sounds like 3 or 4 DJs all spinning completely different shit at the same time. There’s no common element that carries throughout the composition, so what is it that even makes this a song? Just incase there’s somebody somewhere that actually takes pleasure in this noise, Split Mind has ensured that no appreciation of this music shall be possible, by getting somebody’s shit faced friend to yell into a mic for the entire intolerable duration of this mistake.

Why are so many Breakcore producers so against all the regular conventions of music? Most of the “rules” are there for a reason. Because, to do the opossite just sounds terrible.

Sorrry, Dead Kids.