It’s been a while since I wrote about POP music, and since the last, I’ve come to the realization that, in 2011, ELECTRO HOUSE officially became Pop music in North America. Being that I don’t spend much of my time following the Top 40 world, anymore, it haden’t fully dawned on me that we are no longer in a world where mainstream Urban artists were borrowing from and being influenced by underground House music. No, House music now IS the mainstream music.

Many of you are probably thinking “no shit, grandpa. Welcome to the present” or something to that effect. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m not gonna write about it like it’s new news. What I was wondering is if a lot of you underground music enthusiasts are pissed about this? I want you to know that I’m NOT. Here’s why…

The mainstream success of House in 2011 meant that the production quality went through the roof. Artists that have stuck with and developed House music culture for years, if not decades, finally got the attention, credit, and praise that they so deserve. They also got to collaborate with the most influencial people in the industry which, along with the profile boost, meant access to the best vocalists, song writers, studios, and sound engineers. All of these efforts combined to produce a crop of possibly the most aesthetically uplifting works in the history of EDM.

Now I suppose you’ll be wanting an example of what I’m writing about?

BENNY BENNASI may not be a stranger to fame, but he’s certainly earned it. He’s gone from silently producing the music for many chart topping EURO tunes, in the 90’s, to being listed right in the title of a song from CHRIS BROWN‘S F.A.M.E ALBUM, called BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.

You might have to credit Bennasi as the reason why any of us are listening to Electro, but I’ll get into that another time. I want to focus on this song, and the fact that Benny has worked many years to create a world where the producers of House music not only matter, but they are worshiped as superstars, and are alotted all the same perks. The result, for us listeners, is songs like Beautiful People, which are sonically transcending. I don’t mean in any spiritual way. I mean in the immediate, satisfying, Pop music way that it makes you feel really really good for a few minutes. Try it.

DOWNLOAD: Chris Brown ft Benny Benassi – Beautiful People (radio edit) (RIGHT CLICK>SAVE AS)


This song also brings to light the fact that TRANCE has finally made its way into the mainstream, but it’s done so by amalgamating with House. Some are calling this new sound “TRANCE-HOUSE”. My buddy, Paolo, will have a good laugh at that one. Anyways, we’ll see if it sticks.


…so, you still mad, bro???