It was almost a year ago that I first dropped a rough mix of my collab with MIKE DEXTRO & PROPER VILLAINS, at a club in Manhattan….


Almost a year later, the good people at ALLRIGHT RECORDS have released our WHOA!-JAK EP to the masses. It’s now available everywhere that you can buy digital EDM.

Three of New York City’s hottest underground producers have stepped away from their usual sounds, to combine forces on a track colorfully described, by Mike Dextro, as a “Tribal wobble rave banger”. Well put. The original is supported by several killer remixes from some very talented artists. The UK’s aLLriGhT contribute a sparse, groovy house version, while Japan’s JaQwa brings a wild Bassline ride. Pittsburgh’s RSK transforms Whoa!-Jak into a Dubstep womper, and Gobs couldn’t resist doing his own Moombahcore take on the original collab. The result of all these efforts is an incredibly diverse EP, containing pure fire for any dancefloor. The “Whoa! chant” will have you hands raised and hollering along, as you “jak” your body to the infectious hook. It’s beautiful baby!




Now, you know I don’t want you to ever leave a post without some FREE MUSIC, and this occasion calls for something special!


Quite some time ago, I received a megamix of POWER SOCA, by a couple of DJs, from France. The 10 min mix was mostly noisy chaos, and it was quite obvious where it came from: a couple of kids fooling around with music they love in ABLETON. However, sprinkled in amongst the chaos were lots of moments of brilliance.  SO, I got to work doing a massive edit down of the mix, to highlight only the great stuff. The result of this FRANKENSTEIN EDIT, is a 2.5 min wild ride through JUNGLE infused TROPICAL BASS, that is unlike anything else I’ve ever heard. It ended up in my NOW YOU DEAD studio mix, and now it’s finally online for your downloading pleasure.

DOWNLOAD: Socca (Gobby Zs Frankenstein edit) (RIGHT CLICK>SAVE AS)

I have long lost track of who made the original mix, but I’d like to think that they’ve grown as artists and are now releasing really great stuff.


I hope you enjoy that special little freebie, Dead Kids, and I hope you’ll pick up the entire Whoa!-Jak EP from your favourite online music store.